Health & Safety
Health and Safety

L&S is an OHSAS 18001 certified Company and follows practices set by international standards.
Commitment to achieve our health and safety goals is an embedded value that L&S strives everyday to improve.
Health and safety is the joint responsibility of Management and Staff in all functions.

The Company takes the following steps to ensure compliance and safety norms:

1. Risk Assessment of work prior to commencement and grade the level of risks and implementing control measures to reduce the risk.
2. Advising the client on the risks at site and precautions to be taken.
3. Ensure work is carried out on the basis of the safe work method.
4. Ensuring work is not carried till the equipment is tested and certified by authorized 3rd party companies.
5. Ensure the security on site is aware of the location of the fire panel and fire extinguishers and its operating procedure, in case of need in an emergency.
6. Ensure all chemicals and pesticides are with MSDS and approved by the authorities.