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SecurityDisinfestation Services

Disinfestation Services covers major public health pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, black ants, silver fish, fleas, ticks, spiders and other crawling insects. It would mainly comprise of a thorough insecticidal spray at your premises particularly in all nooks & corners and other vulnerable places harboring the crawling insects.
Disinfestation Services

SecurityGel Treatment

Gel treatment is carried out only against infestation of roaches in selective areas. This treatment is especially for those clients who are averse to or do not like messy water-based spray. Although the treatment has a longer residual effect the process may be slow as the extermination of the roaches depends on the time taken by the roaches to feed on the gel applied.
Gel Treatment

SecurityVector Control Service

Vector Control Service is carried out against flying insects such as houseflies, moths, mosquitoes and can be controlled only through thermal fogging and prophylactic spraying.
Vector Control Service

SecurityRodent Control Service

Rodent Control Service is carried out against infestation of rats and mice and the treatment would comprise of one or all of the following:

A) Trapping - using mechanical or glue traps
B) Caging – using meshed wire cages
C) Poison Baiting - using bait station
Post Treat Anti-Termite Treatment
Rodent Control Service Rodent Control ServiceRodent Control Service

SecurityPost Treat Anti-Termite Treatment

Post Treat Anti-Termite Treatment comprises of treating existing termite infestation in residential and commercial premises. This involves drilling holes in appropriate areas and injecting termiticide into these holes to form an impregnable termiticidal barrier, thereby preventing entry of termites into the premises.